B.A. English, Augustana College
M.B.A. Management, University of Northern Iowa 


Over nearly 20 years in the academic field has yeilded one prevailing truth: no two children are the same.


On the contrary, children are as different as the families they are born from, or the communities they reside in,  or the particular strengths they are born with and the subsequent interests they pursue. 



Likewise, the approach to learning has to be different. Because children learn diffently, the approach  has to be tailored to that specific student's needs and learning style.



Some children are visual learners. Others learn quickly through verbal direction. Others still, may be hands-on learners. Each is deserving of an individualized plan that respects, and more imporantly, understands the most beneficial approach for that student. 



That is what makes R.A. Sanford different. 



Our free consultation asseses the academic background and learning style to create an individualized plan of instruction that meets the need of one or more specific subject areas, testing prep needs and/or college readiness goals. 


With a bachelor's degree in English, R.A. Sanford is uniquely qualified to instruct, train and guide students in reading, literary composition and reading comprehension.  Likewise, his M.B.A. in Management with a focus on Finance positions R.A. Sanford to help develop a student's mastery of quantiative concepts and algebraic reasoning and in the process, increase the confidence that is so crucial to long-term growth in mathematics. This background makes R.A. uniquely qualified to provide ACT test preparation and college readiness assistance. 



Our goal is not simply to create smarter students, but to create confident students who are equipped to succeed in the classroom and beyond. 



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