It's easy to start. Simply call our offices at 708-275-3977 to schedule a free consultation. During that consultation, R.A. Sanford will outline the best services applicable for your specific performance goals and the timeframe to achieve them. During this consultation, we will discuss an overall plan of growth for your student and how R.A. Sanford can assist in meeting your child's short-term and long-term academic needs. 

How do I get started?

R.A. Sanford works under the guiding principle of recognizing the individual strengths, talents and aptitude of each student. In doing so, R.A. can craft a personalized plan that addresses the student in a way that feeds their style of learning and their appetitite for knowledge. 

How does R.A. Sanford work?

Our tutorial services offer one-on-one suppert in math, reading, grammar, writing, and ACT/SAT exam preparation and college readiness. Visit our Tutoring page to view a detailed list of the core areas within each subject to see how R.A. Sanford can fit your student's needs. 

What subjects are covered under R.A. Sanford?
What's the minimum time to work with R.A?

To promote a mastery-based level of understanding, consistent time is needed with each student. Although a session here or there will provide an on-the-spot remedy for a particular content area, long-term growth requires time and effort. The more time a student puts in, the more results can be expected. There is no "magical" number but we begin our Value Plan with 6 hours, a number we believe provides a solid platform on which to build critical skills in reading, math, grammar, writing, and ACT/SAT test prep. 

Yes. At the beginning of each assessment, we review your child's current academic level. At the end of each session, we go over the areas covered, the areas of growth and the focus points going forward, providing a real-time snapshot of performance at every point along the way. At the end of the designated package, R.A. provides a summation of progress and suggestions for continued growth. 

Can I see my student's progress?

Yes. We can create a tailor-made package that covers a student for an entire year, a full semester, or a month-to-month plan, depending on your student's needs. All packages are based on hours selected, so you may select any one of our four packages with corresponding hours included, and and then use those hours in the manner that fits your student's schedule, over the course of several weeks, an entire month, or as-you-go.

Can I work with R.A. on multiple subject for the entire year?