Reading and Math Package Rates


R.A. Sanford believes that learning should be effective and affordable. However, meeting the rising costs associated with a quality education can be difficult. Therefore, we offer a number of flexible packages to fit your budget and your student's needs. Discounted rates are available with select packages. A minimum of six hours is required. 

Basic Value Package 
 (ACT/SAT Test prep)
Math, grammar, reading, and writing improvement requires time and consistency. Growth in a specific core areas is possible with six hours devoted to individualized content, in alignment with a student's workload, aptitude and objective





Hourly Rates

Reading Tutorial Services....$60.00

Math Tutorial Services.........$60.00

Premium Package 
(ACT/SAT-2 content areas) 
Ultimate Max Package 

(ACT/SAT-3 content areas)

12 hours of focused and consistent instruction brings a student closer to the mastery level with a higher degree of concentrated effort in key areas with primary emphasis on  ACT/SAT proficiency in Math and Reading.




Hourly Rates

Reading TutorialServices.......$60.00

Math Tutorial Services...........$60.00


20-29 hours of sustained instruction in math ,reading , and grammar offers the opportunity to master key concepts and content areas leading to sustained growth, improved competency , and confidence. (One upfront payment for 10 hours and a second payment for the balance after 1 month with tutoring covering a 3 month timespan.)



Hourly Rates

Reading Tutorial Services...$55.00

Math Tutorial Services........$55.00








TEST PREP & TUTORIAL PLATINUM PACKAGE !!!  (30 Hours AND UP $50/HOUR)  - Take advantage of R.A. Sanford's most comprehensive strategy for ACT/SAT proficiency in math, grammar, reading, science (ACT) and writing, catering to the specific needs identified by the student and corresponding performance indicators and aptitude. This is an ACT/SAT test prep package for the ULTIMATE in performance success. (One upfront payment for 10 hours and a second  and third payment for the balance after each month with tutoring covering a 3 month timespan.)