Test Preparation & College Readiness

R.A. Sanford's Personalized ACT Test Prep Program


The journey to college can be overwhelming. From applications, to testing, to selecting the right fit, it's an added chore for some students and an additional task for parents.


R.A. Sanford would like to make it easier.


Through our personalized approach to ACT Test Prep, and our college readiness focus, we can help to make it a smoother road that takes advantages of the opportunities along the way. 

ACT/SAT Basic Value - 6 hours ($60/hour) 

This package offers an introduction of specific content areas tested on the ACT/SAT exam and principles for improving comprehension and overall competency in one specific subject area.


ACT Test Prep Premium- 12  hours ($60/hour)

Take advantage of R.A. Sanford's premium package, designed to give you a solid foundation of the core principles of two of the subject areas of the ACT/SAT exam.


ACT Test Prep Ultimate - 20+  hours ($55/hour)
Our Test Prep Max package offers more of the time, focus and preparation needed to maximize your student's performance on the ACT/SAT exam. The additional hours provide valuable feedback on aptitude and skill level to better identify areas of improvement and to improve performance on the ACT/SAT in 3 subject areas.


ACT Test Prep Platinum- 30+  hours ($50/hour)

R.A. Sanford's most comprehensive package offers the most one-on-one instruction to cultivate a profound understanding of ACT/SAT core principles, subject area comprehension and testing strategies to elevate performance. Targeted focus is allotted to all subject areas to reinforce the key rules, principles and objectives.

ACT/SAT Subject Test Preparation - 6 hours per exam subject  ($60/hour)

R.A. Sanford's subject-specific instruction allows your student to focus on one particular subject area of the ACT/SAT exam, building proficiency that leads to confidence in a targeted area of the exam. This option is available for each of the four subject areas and the writing portion. 

College Application Essay Assistance -6 hour minimum ($60/hour)

The college application process can be intimidating but it doesn't have to be, with the proper planning and strategy. Completing the applications, essays, personal statements and corresponding documents is easier when you have a roadmap, and a guide. That's what R.A. Sanford provides. 


Extra Sessions - Arranged on an hourly basis


Success on the ACT may not fit squarely into a specific R.A. Sanford package and may require more hours than what may be currently offered. In these instances, students may take advantage of Extra Sessions to reinforce necessary skills, concepts, and theory.  








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